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The Jebala Bible Storybook

The Jebala are a Muslim people group of approximately
two million. They are descendants of the Berbers and live
primarily in Morocco. Currently, no Scriptures are available
for the Jebala. However, a set of 100 translated Bible
stories was produced and 1000 beta versions have been
printed in booklet form for field-testing.

Corrections have since been made and 40 new color
illustrations have been developed. These books are
printed outside of Morocco and taken by ferry across the
Mediterranean. They are then hand-delivered.

Traditionally, the Jebala transfer information from one generation
to the next through the process of storytelling. Culturally, Bible
stories are an ideal form of communicating. Young and old alike
are responding to this series of stories.

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Project Progress: Based upon quantities of 10,000 per distribution cycle.

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