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Diatessaron – A Harmony of the Gospels

The Diatessaron (meaning "out of four") combines the four
Gospels into one coherent story. Produced by Tatian in 166AD, it
was originally available in Greek and Aramaic. Arabian Christian,
Abul Faraj Al Tayyeb, translated the Diatessaron from an early
Syriac version into Arabic in the 11th Century.

Because of its early history in Arabic, it carries with it a style and
presentation familiar to Muslim people. It, therefore, does not
create the same suspicion that other "Christian" literature does
and provides an excellent tool for evangelism among Muslims.

Since this "harmony" follows the Gospels closely in terms of
text (only 56 verses in the canonical Gospels do not have a
counterpart in the Diatessaron), it also facilitates Bible

SOW is partnering with translation and church planting ministries
working in West Africa, Central and South Asia, and the Philippines to
produce the Diatessaron. It is currently ready to print in four
Muslim language groups with plans to expand this to
several others within the next year.

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