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Bali ka Vidhan

Other Backward Caste (OBC) New Testament

This New Testament was developed specifically for India's Hindi-
speaking non-brahmanized people. 52% of India's population is
considered Other Backward Caste (OBC). The OBC do not
embrace brahmanized-Hinduism and, therefore, do not use the
religious terminology associated with it.

Previously, all Bibles available in the Hindi language were
produced for upper caste Hindi speakers. What resulted were
Bibles written with terms (including names for God) that reflected
the words, language, and culture of the upper castes. When the
OBC and other lower-caste Indians open a Hindi Bible, they found
words, names, and phrases that have been used to oppress them
for generations. Therefore, instead of liberating truth, the Bible
was a stumbling block — it's brahmanized terms confusing, and
even offensive.

Since its release in 2007 (and reprinted in 2009), the beta version of the Bali Ka Vidhan has been embraced, by lower-caste Indians. A complete Bible (Baliraja Ka Vidhan), with both Old and New Testaments, is currently under development with plans for its release later this year.

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